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PhD Degree Program

As parents often say, education is the only wealth they can pass on to their children as it is the only weapon of the latter to better serve the ever growing community. However, our society is now very competitive that simple or traditional education is just a requirement but not the best tool to be competitive with the other job seekers as you enter the real world. It is still best to have the greatest possible educational background to stand out from the other job applicants. You can attain this professional edge when you pursue a PhD Degree program from accredited or authorized universities.

PhD Degree Programs - Significance

With the advent of technology in every sector or industry, education, specifically a PhD Degree Program, is now made available to every student from different walks of life. This program provides students with an opportunity to attain substantive expertise in various fields of study in education such as business, education and management, psychology, marketing, nursing, and health care. It further enhances the skills and expertise of graduate students through extensive research and practice. It enables students to be better decision makers and citizens of our contemporary society in the future.

PhD Degree Program - Admission Requirements

What are the requirements for the admission of PhD degree program? This is a frequently asked question (FAQ) when one wants to pursue this program. It can be noted that detailed requirements for this high level education vary from university to university across the globe as each school set different rules and regulation for PhD degree students. Students are suggested to know the existing requirements for their program as they vary among programs and change from time to time. They may include but not limited to a master’s comprehensive/PhD preliminary examination, master’s final oral examination of thesis, comprehensive exam for PhD, admission to doctoral degree candidacy, final oral exam, and dissertation approval.

An Overview of the Berkeley-Haas PhD Degree Program at the University of California

This PhD degree program is oriented toward research and discipline with emphasis on the evaluation of the state of knowledge in your specific field of specification. It requires you to select a study field so that the university director may determine your coursework and focus your future employment preferences such as in business and public policy, operations management, accounting, finance, organization management, and real estate.

PhD Degree Program in Nursing

This doctorate program is specifically designed to prepare nurses for lifetime intellectual inquiry through research and creative scholarship programs. It requires students to analyze and establish educational research, administrative, and policy strategies addressing individual and community needs. It allows students to utilize theoretical, philosophical, and conceptual basis to guide new knowledge generation in health care. It enables them to demonstrate proactive leadership associated to selected scholarship area.

Coordinated JD/PhD Program at the Harvard University in Massachusetts

Harvard University’s Law School offers this coordinated degree program enabling students to integrate it to law with their doctoral studies. The PhD Program is available to students who are interested in any Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) department. Qualified applicants for this program are required to apply to and be separately admitted to the GSAS and the Law School.