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PhD and Degree Programs in Entertainment Management

By phd | February 11, 2016

Entertainment Management is reasonably new business management area that is being taught as a Bachelor of Arts degree at many tertiary institutions is Entertainment Management. The objective of courses in entertainment management is for graduates to developed sufficient knowledge and skills to enter a career in management in the entertainment industry. For example, graduates should be able to manage facilities, like sports events, theatres, cinemas, live music venues, art galleries, and even broadcast media organizations.

Another alternative to entertainment management is studying casino management, or even doing a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, with a focus on managing casinos.

Educational Degrees in Entertainment Management
There are several options out there if you are looking to expand your knowledge about entertainment management, or even if you want a career in this industry. Some institutions focus broadly on entertainment management and events, and modules or courses that are included in entertainment management studies are: modern theatre, music and music technology, games and virtual environments, events management and marketing, food and beverage management, gaming and casino management, hospitality studies, etc. You can do a BA, MA or even a PhD and a Doctorate degree Program in Hospitality Management and Entertainment Management.

University of East London:
At the University of East London, for example, a BA (Hons) degree is available in Hospitality Management. You will learn about business concepts, service marketing and management, and also gain knowledge about hospitality in the tourism context. Moreover, core modules comprise finance, marketing, food and beverage management and also niche marketing for events and leisure.

Leeds Beckett University:
At Leeds Beckett University, you have a few options. At an undergraduate level, you have choices to do a BA in Conference and Exhibition Management, Entertainment Management, and Managing Cultural and Major Events. At the post-graduate level, you can do an MSc, a post-graduate certificate or diploma in Events Management, in International Events Management and Sports Events Management.

Casino Management Degrees:
While Casino Management is usually considered as part of Hospitality courses at universities, in some cases it is a degree in its own right.

National University:
National University, for example, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Casino Management, in effect, combining two separate areas of study. Students can expect to learn about all the facets of casino operations, including casino resorts.

Morrisville State College
At Morrisville State College, you can do an Associate Degree in Gaming and Casino Management. Other tertiary institutions, like Morrisville State College, only offer certificate or associate degree programs in this field. MA degrees are not available in casino management; however, an MA degree in Hospitality Management is possible, with a course on casino management.

Online Casinos - Future Education and Jobs
The presence of online casinos like, also known as virtual casinos, is growing tenfold by the day (offering thousands of bonus and promotions). So there is a huge need and demand for more educational degrees to fill the related jobs. In present time, several universities offer degrees and certificates in casino management and online casino management but theses are probably only a small feature. Since the online casino environment is so big, perhaps universities and colleges should offer a more specialized option that focuses on the online component of casinos as part of online gaming.

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