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Doctorate Degree Programs | University of Bradford

By phd | February 18, 2009

The University of Bradford was established as a technical college in 1966. In 1973 it became the first university in the UK to open a department dedicated to Peace Studies. The department is recognized as the best world wide on the subject. In 2000 the university decided on a renovation project that would make it the first “ecoversity” in the world, determined to reduce its ecological footprint by considering sustainability in everything it does. Overall university has seven key departments serving several subject areas of research for Doctorate Degree Programs.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

The University offers a number of Doctorate Degree Programs (Check the full list at the end of this article). The schools of Health Studies, Social Studies, Engineering and Life Sciences as well as others all offer multiple PhD degrees. Each school has specific requirements for admissions, but all applicants should expect to provide a 3.7 GPA in undergrad studies or an Honours degree from a recognized university in the field they wish to pursue. It is important to point out that if English is not your first language, you need to submit recent IELTS (6.5) or TOEFL (580) scores as a proof of competence in English. To apply, you first contact directly to the specific department for a discussion about your area of research and proposal. Therefore your initial application will provide your educational background and a brief research proposal. On approval of your proposal, you will be registered officially on the course.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

Those accepted to the Doctorate Degree Program will be registered for an MPhil at the initial stage to transfer for a PhD on the later stages. They will be allocated one or more supervisors and be assigned to a review board to keep them on track. It is expected that a full time student will complete their research in 3-4 years and part time students in 4-7 years. There are a number of taught courses at the beginning of every research track to assist the student in forming their research and guiding them towards appropriate fields of study. Like all traditional PhDs, Doctorate Degree Program at University of Bradford will also be completed with final submission of a thesis and oral examination.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Candidates of the Doctorate Degree Programs can find financial aid through a number of venues. For UK and EU students, various grants and financial support can be pursued through various research councils including EPSRC, BBSRC, NERC, ESRC and AHRB. These studentships will cover three years of fee and maintained allowance if you are a UK citizen, and only fees if you are an EU citizen. As these studentships will be available on merit, you need an upper second or first class degree with relevant experience. For international students, University offers 5 postgraduate scholarships at a time to exceptional candidates and there are several international scholarship programs available. International student visas do allow the applicants to work while in the UK, however the type of work and hours permitted are restricted (20 hours per week in term time).

*Available Subjects:
Applied ecology, Archaeological biogeochemistry and geophysics, Biological anthropology and bioarchaeology, Ecoversity, Geomorphology and geoarchaeology, Greening of Higher Education, Material culture, Social dynamics, Sustainability and ICT, Sustainability and community participation, Water management, Advanced materials engineering, Automotive, modelling and control engineering, Communication systems engineering, Environmental and infrastructure engineering, elecommunications Engineering, Innovative polymer synthesis, Synthesis of tailored polymers and copolymers, Scale-up and control of polymerisation reactors, Polymer characterisation in solution and the solid state, Solid-state physics of polymers and polymer composites, Processing of polymers by different methods in the melt and solid state, Autonomous Robotics, Communication, cultural and media studies, Computer animation and modelling, Cybersociety/Cyberpsychology, Data Mining and Visualisation, and Intelligent Data Mining, Digital imaging, Distributed virtual environments, Grid Computing to Support the NHS, ICT for Rural Development, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Intelligent and Quantum Information Systems, Internet Application and e-Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Microcomputer Music, Mobile Computing and Networks, Mobile Networks and Applications, Modelling Optimisation, Scheduling and Intelligent Computing (MOSAIC), Networks and Performance Engineering (PERFORM), Neutralised Beam Kinetics, Computing, Electronic Imaging and Media Communications, Telecommunications and Web/mobile applications, The European Grid of Solar Observations (EGSO), Virtual environments, interactive systems and video games, Allied health professions, Dementia Studies, Healthcare management, Midwifery, Nursing, Citizenship education, Community development, Disability, Education / Education and social inequality and policy, Education for sustainability / Education management / Education policy and practice, Employability / Equality of opportunity, Higher Education policy, Local and regional studies, Minority ethnic participation Social class and education / Social class, gender and ethnicity, Teaching and learning / Student support, Widening access and social inclusion, Cancer chemotherapy, Cardiovascular pharmacology, Characterisation of model systems, Clinical disorders in reproduction, Clinical pharmaceutics, Drug biochemistry and metabolism, Drug formulation design in the IPI, Drug metabolising enzyme profiles, Emesis and gastrointestinal activity, Gastrointestinal physiology, Genetic and reproductive toxicology, Molecular microbiology, Molecular pathology, Molecular pharmaceutics, Molecular spectroscopy and structural analysis, Neuroscience, Biotechnology and Drug Design, Optics and ageing, Pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, Pharmaceutical materials characterisation capabilities, Pharmacognosy/Natural products, Preclinical pharmacology of potential antitumour agents, Rational drug development, Skin and hair follicle biology and transdermal drug delivery through the skin, Vascular research and immunology, Visual neuroscience, School of Management, e-business, Finance and accounting, Human resource management, Information management, International business, Marketing, Operations management, Organisational behaviour, Strategic management, Central and Eastern Europe, Comparative politics, Conflict resolution, Modern British history, French political history, Russian economic and political history, Central Europe and the ‘great powers’, Modern Hungarian history, Republics of the former USSR.

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