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Doctorate Degree Programs | Queens University Belfast

By phd | February 5, 2009

The internationally known Queens University Belfast, located in historical Northern Ireland, boasts of its elaborate style of architecture and excellent reputation in academics. The beginning of this institution goes back to 1810. Today, this elite university attracts a diversity of 24.000 students enrolled from all around the world.

Doctorate Degree Programs -  Subjects and Admissions:

Queens University Belfast offers Doctorate Degree Programs in various subject areas to students who want to earn a PhD or MPhil post-graduate degree. Traditional PhD and MPhil courses in Theology, Dentistry, Ethnomusicology, French Studies, Information Systems, Nursing and Midwifery, Plasma Physics, Politics, Social Anthropology, International Studies and Philosophy are available. Prospective students can apply at Queens University Belfast for admission in their Doctorate Degree Programs via the online application. Upon acceptance, a second class honours degree or Masters degree level is required to enter the post graduate program.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

The full time course of study is completed in over three years, as a part time student completes the Doctorate Degree Program in over four years. Students are required to complete research study under their supervisor’s guidance and present an 80,000 word thesis over the course of study.

Doctorate Degree Programs -  Financial Assistance:

For PhD research degrees, limited financial aide, such as scholarships and awards, are available. Overall funding can be categorized for two separate groups, funding for UK/European candidates and finical assistance for international students. Through different research councils and research organizations, financial assistance can be available for UK and European students. Every year various research departments offer research studentships for international students with available funding for fees and living. Although it is important to point out that these opportunities are rare and mostly advertise nationally.

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