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Doctorate Degree Programs | Cranfield University

By phd | August 20, 2010

Background: Cranfield University is a postgraduate university that offers Doctorate Degree Programs, it is found in Central London and it’s the only university that has its own functioning airport. It was originally a College of Aeronautics, which started in 1946. Through its whole sixty years of existence, it has maintained its commitment and zeal for applied research in the fields of management, technology, and science.

The advancement of many features of aircraft design and research has considerably contributed to its expansion that branched out to other technologies, management, and manufacturing. The year 1969 marked the turn of the College of Aeronautics into The Cranfield Institute of Technology, there were also new departments added to cover other subjects like the School of Management. After all the changes and developments, the Cranfield has become the main center for applied research, development and design in Europe.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

As one of the best research universities, they offer Doctorate degree programs, which include MPhil, PhD, and MSc by Research.Their academic schools are: Cranfield Health, School of Engineering, Cranfield Defense and Security, and School of Management. Funded research studies are also being offered such as: Environment funded research, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Bioscience, Automotive, Security and defense, and Energy funded research.All applicants are assessed by the University’s Registry before being passed on to the School for consideration. Applicants are informed if they meet the admission requirements. However, applications without a research proposal will not be considered.

Also, a proof of competency with the English language is required. To qualify for courses in Masters or Doctorate degree programs, you must: 1.Have passed a Cranfield Preliminary year 2.Be a first or second class honor from a UK university 3.have noteworthy working experience Please note that apart from traditional route of PhD, Cranfield  university also offers professional or Executive Doctorate in business administration with low residency options.

Duration and Process:

The completion of any Doctorate program requires original research work done within a 3-year period. Students enrolled for an MPhil degree will be automatically transferred to the PhD degree after a year, if he or she has a satisfactory progress and has passed the oral examination. In addition, a written thesis and oral exam about its contents are also required for both MPhil and PhD degrees.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Full scholarships are given to qualified PhD students who are residents of UK or are EU nationals. The scholarship grants are usually tax free for 3 years. The grantee will be provided with full care support and money for overseas travel. Foreign students can also avail financial assistance from other organizations that are recognized by Cranfield University.

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