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Doctorate Degree Programs | Coventry University

By phd | March 5, 2009

Background: Coventry University dates back to 1843 when it opened its doors as Coventry College of Design. Over the years it grew and expanded by including other school and eventually became incorporated as a university in 1992. Today, with six major faculties and various departments, University offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in variety of subjects.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

Coventry University offers Doctorate Degree Programs in a number of areas including Accountancy, Business, Civil Engineering, Computer games, Computing Engineering, Environment and Conservation, Geography, Health, International Relations, International Studies, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Psychology and Sustainable Regeneration. To apply, applicants should expect be competent in English and also provide proof of a Bachelors or Masters program from a recognized university. With a complete admission application, you need two academic references, a research proposal, copies of your degrees and certificates, results of IELTS (6.5) and TOFEL (88) scores and copy of your passport (last two requirements are only for international candidates).

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

Your research should make a significant and original contribution to the field of study you pursue, and as such you will be assigned mentors, who will evaluate your progress through the Doctorate Degree Program. Students accepted into the program will be expected to meet certain milestones throughout their academic career. Regular reviews will be scheduled to ensure students staying on track. Students will complete their Doctoral Degree Program by submitting a thesis and also taking a last oral examination. Full time students should expect to take approximately three years but must complete their studies within five years. Part time students usually complete their work within four years and must complete their course within six years.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

For PhD Degrees, financial aid is available through a number of formats. For UK/EU and international candidates, occasionally monies become available for research studentships by various departments of university, where the recipient is allocated a grant, part or all of their fees are covered and they may even be granted a living allowance. Students may qualify for career advancement loans, awards or grants. For EU and UK candidates, research grants are available through various research councils (EPSRC and AHRC), however it is important to point out that these grants are only available for full-time research studies.

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