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Doctorate Degree Programs | Canterbury Christ Church University

By phd | February 24, 2009

Canterbury Christ Church University opened its doors in 1962 through the auspices of the Church of England. Originally intended to alleviate a teacher shortage in church run school it has expanded to include several different schools and acquired the title of University in 2005.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

Canterbury Christ Church University offers Doctorate Degree Programs in American Studies, Applied Linguistics, Biology, Business and Management, Computing, Ecology, Education, English, Geography, Health Education, History, Imaging Science, Music, Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Paramedical Studies, Psychology, Radiography, Sport Science, Theology and Religious Studies, Tourism Studies, Applied Social Sciences/Sociology, Media and Cultural Studies, Education and Clinical Psychology. All of these PhD degrees offered in above areas are research oriented. In applying for research based doctorate degree programs the candidate must initially submit two academic references, a 500 word research proposal and records of previous studies (copies of your degrees and transcripts). If the applicant passes the first stage of application a second research proposal of 1500 words is expected as well as answers to any questions raised by the original proposal.

This secondary paper is written with the assistance of the proposed supervisor assigned to the applicant. Occasionally a Masters degree will be considered in lieu of the previous process. With your admission application, you also need to include documents to prove English proficiency, if English is not your first language (results of IELTS scores or equivalent qualifications).

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

Full and part time Doctorate Degree Programs are available. Full time students are expected to complete their studies within three years and part time students may take as long as five. In some field of studies, student will be registered for an MPhil degree, which will be later transferred to a PhD degree on the condition of satisfactory progress. Students are supervised by a team of three mentors; annual reviews of their works’ progress are required. At the end of the research project a thesis of 50-100,000 words is expected, the length differs by field and topic, each school has different requirements. Doctorate degree candidates are also expected to present themselves for an oral examination.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Studentships are available to assist applicants in pursuing their research. Full studentships require 150 hours of teaching or work over the three years in which the student attends University. Partial studentships are also available covering only fees, without providing a stipend for living expenses and traveling. It is important to point out that all applications will be considered on merit and on the base of educational background, related experience and available departmental recourses to conduct the research.

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