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Doctorate Degree Programs | Bath Spa University

By phd | February 2, 2009

Bath Spa University can trace its’ roots back to 1898 when it was known as the Bath Academy of Art. The college became Bath Teacher Training College in 1947, Bath College of Higher Education in 1975 and in 1999 adopted its’ current name. Bath Spa University is one of the UK’s first “teaching lead’ universities which means the put an emphasis on excellent teaching and scholarship.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

Bath Spa University offers Doctorate Degree Programs in science, art and design, social science and education. To be accepted into these PhD programs the prospective student should expect to have a first or upper second class honors degree, which corresponds to a final GPA of 3.7 to 4.0 in American colleges.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

Full time students of the Doctorate Degree Programs can expect to take 24-60 months to complete their course of study, whereas part time students will need 34-84 months. The PhD thesis requirement is either 40,000 or 80,000 words, depending on the program pursued. Creative work can be submitted as part of the thesis, in which case the word requirements may be adjusted.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance is available to students of Bath Spa University through a number of sources. Scholarships, grants and loans are all options for the students, some of which need to be repaid and some of which don’t. If you are not a resident of the UK, however, expect to need to pay all of your tuition and fees.

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