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Doctorate Degree Programs | Bangor University

By phd | February 6, 2009

Bangor University was founded in 1884 as a result of a campaign to improve higher education in Wales. The funds for the university were raised from local families through voluntary contributions. Originally based in an old coaching inn, it moved to better quarters in 1911, the main building of which was opened by King Edward VII. Until 1893 the students received their diplomas from University of London. In 1894 Bangor became one of the original three colleges of the University of Wales and began handing out its’ own matriculations.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

Bangor University offers Doctorate Degree Programs in numerous fields such as Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Management Studies, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Studies and Media, Cymraeg (Welsh), Education, Electronic Engineering, English, Environment and Natural Resources, Healthcare Sciences, History and Welsh History , Law, Lifelong Learning, Linguistics and English Language, Modern Languages, Music, Ocean Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, Theology and Religious Studies. Some programs are available for part-time studies, but most require full-time commitments (3 years Full-time).

To be accepted into the program students should hold a Bachelors degree with a GPA of 3.7 or higher, the equivalent of British second class honors. In addition to your diploma anticipate providing a transcript, a research proposal, and proof of English proficiency. Individuals above the age of 25 who lack a university degree may be accepted based upon work experience. Applications may be submitted either online or traditionally, by post. It is also important to point out that apart from traditional PhD, university also offers PhD by published work in Creative Studies and Media. Earlier publications for this route of PhD need 100,000 words of original contribution in the related field of study. Thesis for this PhD will provide a critical analysis (5,000 to 10,000 words) of these publications for last defense.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

The term of study for most Doctorate Degree Programs in various subjects is 3 years full-time or 5 to 6 years part-time. Depending upon the area of study, students are expected to participate in a variety of classes, field experiences and personal research or thesis presentation. For majority of subject areas, last piece of thesis submission (80,000 words) will be completed with a final viva voce exam.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Financial aid is available for some of the Doctorate Degree Programs through a variety of grants, scholarships, loans, and awards. Some courses of study are fully funded. Appropriate applications can be found on-line and the University will assist accepted students to find the most viable solution.

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