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Doctorate Degree Programs | University of Exeter

By phd | August 18, 2010

The University of Exeter, also known as Exon, is an institution of higher education located in Exeter, Devon in the southwest part of England. It is one of the top ranked universities in UK and is a member of the 1994 Group, which is a network of small, research-intensive universities in UK. The university has three campuses located in Streatham, St. Luke’s and Tremough.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

There are various research subjects and Doctorate Degree Programs that you can take up in the University of Exeter. The following are some of the MPhil/PhD programs offered in Exeter campus:

Applicants for doctorate degree programs have the option to apply online or manually. Forms can be downloaded from the university’s website. For international students who are not using English as their primary language, English competency exams must be taken to prove their written and oral ability regarding the English language. It is also important to note that apart from traditional route of PhD, Exeter university also offers distance and professional PhDs in various subjects including  Education and Educational Psychology.

Duration and Process:
The university also takes into consideration the applicant’s academic merits, abilities and potential. They also consider relevant educational and professional experience for some programmes. Admitted full-time students in doctorate degree programs should expect to finish their studies in three to four years.

Financial Assistance:
The University of Exeter also has Doctorate Degree Programs for students who need financial assistance. There are scholarships, grants and job vacancies that are offered like the phd scholarships and PhD bursaries.

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