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Doctorate Degree Programs | University of East Anglia

By phd | August 27, 2010

Background: The University of East Anglia is a renewed public research university, which was opened in 1963. It has ranked 20th in the University guide in 2008, ranked 57th all over Europe, and among the best 200 universities worldwide. The university has a good academic reputation that’s why it has a good ranking position in the academic world. The University of Anglia has a principle of interdisciplinary where the interrelated subjects are being studied alongside each other. The school has continued to be academically innovative all through its progress.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

The University has excellent Doctorate degree programs and research training in Economics. Some areas of Economic research and interdisciplinary research are: Economics and Philosophy, Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Industrial Economics, Public Policy and Applied Economics, and Economics and Philosophy. Admissions to Doctorate Degree Programs and research degrees have some requirements and qualifying criteria. The applicant must submit an application form accompanied by some supporting documents required by the university. You can contact the school to know about them or visit their website to make sure you have all the requirements. Application forms are downloadable as well and be sure to read and understand all their requirements before submitting your application forms. It is important to note that University of East Anglia also offers PhD by Publications and Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (ClinPsyD) with low residency option.

Duration and Process: The period of study in the University of Anglia is 3 Years (full-time) and 6 years (Part-time). In some cases, the School Board can lessen the duration of the study, the period of the submission of the thesis may also be reduced. On the other hand, extensions for the course to be completed can also be granted, provided that it is recommended by the student’s supervisor. In these circumstances, the deadline for thesis will eventually be extended as well, but not over the whole period of the study program. Thesis must contain relevant study research and must be between 20,000 to 50,000 words in length.

Financial Assistance: Funding from different organizations for research training and Doctorate Degree Programs are honored by the university. Some of them are:

And other PhD Scholarships funding programs which support students in Economics

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