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Doctorate Degree Programs | University of Cumbria

By phd | August 20, 2010

The University of Cumbria was established on August 1, 2007. It was formed by the merging of Cambria Institute of the Arts, Cumbrian campuses of the University of Central Lancanshire. The school has various campuses across Europe.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

Doctorate Degree Programs and MPhil subjects at the University of Cambria are wide range. It includes: Art, Art History, Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing , Cultural Analysis, Design, Digital Technology (media, multimedia, e-learning, graphic design), English (poetry, American, Irish and women’s writing, performance), Ethics, Geography/Environment, Heritage Landscape and Environmental Arts, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sustainability, Traditional and Contemporary Craft, Applied Social Studies, Business Studies, Coaching, Community Development, Marketing/Consumer Behaviour, Psychology, Regional Economic Development, Sports Development, Sports Performance, Youth and Community Studies, Cultural Development, Curriculum Development and Practice, Education, Education Management, Mathematics/ICT, Moral Education, Teacher Education, Health Policy, Health Practice, Health Promotion, Health Studies and Healing Science, Imaging Sciences, Medical Sciences, Mental Health, Nursing and Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Public Health and Primary Care, Radiography, Social Work, Conservation Biology, Development Education, Ecology (Behavioural, Population, Landscape), Ecotourism, Forestry, Forest Management, Outdoor Education, Protected Areas and Rural Development, Renewable Biomass Energy, Silviculture, Sustainable Pest Management and Upland Management

The school provides a first-rate learning experience for Doctorate Degree Programs enrollees as well as other degree program students. The school’s environment is very conducive to studies and very accommodating to let the students reach their fullest professional and personal potentials. It is committed to providing its students with the latest and modern learning techniques to enable them to succeed in their chosen fields of study. To be able to qualify for Doctorate degree programs or other degrees in this university, you must be an honor student in a well-known university or at least from a comparable university. Application forms are obtainable online and must be completed before the set due date.

Please note that University of Cumbria also offers PhD in English, Education and Applied Social Sciences Research with low residency option.

Duration and Process:
The length of study for Doctorate Degree Programs is normally 4 to 8 years and 3 to 5 years for MPhil. Studies can be on a part time or full time basis to accommodate your available time for the study.
The length of the thesis required for the completion of the course are:

Financial Assistance:
The University of Cumbria can accept students who avail themselves of the following funding organizations:

Different charities like the Leverhulme Trust, National Health Sercices, and European Commission are also recognized funding sources for Doctorate Degree Programs.

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