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Doctorate Degree Programs | University of Central Lancashire

By phd | August 23, 2010

The University of Central Lancashire is one of the biggest universities in UK. The building stands in the city of Preston. It is kind of new, it was only established in 1992 but its history can be traced back to 1828. Back then it was known as the ‘Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge’. The UCL is well-known for its various academic disciplines that include Law and Physics, History, and has research excellence in Design and Technology, Science and Business, Humanities, and Health. Lastly, it ranks fourth from the twelve universities in North West.

Subjects and Admissions:
The Doctorate degree programs are made comprehensive studies of a particular topic. Your research assignment will be specifically for you.
Here are some subjects offered in UCL Doctorate degree programs:

To be accepted for PhD or MPhil, the applicant must be a second/first class honor or a holder of a Master’s degree.

For MD (Res) MCh (Res), the applicant must be registered with the General Medical council of UK and must have been practicing surgery or medicine for at least 3 years.
For MSc, LLM, and MA, the applicant’s first degree must be recognized by UK and must be a second or first honor.
In general, application for Doctorate degree programs can be sent thru email or snail mail. Schedule for an interview will follow after the assessment of your application. Just make sure that your forms are filled with complete information. Aside from the standard application requirements, foreign applicants are also asked to provide proof of competence in spoken and written English. There is a pre-exam briefing given to all the Doctorate degree program applicants. The briefings are designed to give applicants an outline of the examination process. After the examinations, a letter with recommendation from the Graduate research office will be sent to you, if you are approved.

Please note that apart from traditional PhD route, university also offers Professional Doctorate in Research for Professional Practice with low residency option.

Financial Assistance:
Make sure that you have enough resources to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses while you are studying. You can search for organizations which can help you fund your research. For these Doctorate Degree Programs, some sources for funding are Company sponsorships, trusts and charities, University funded scholarships, loans, and Research Council Funding.

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