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Doctorate Degree Programs |The Central School of Speech and Drama

By phd | August 22, 2010

Elsie Fogerty founded the Central School of Speech Training in 1906 at the Royal Albert Hall. Over time, it was relocated to the Embassy theatre in Swiss Cottage, North London. The School continued to develop turned into an independent college of the University of London n 2005. The college was elected by the Higher Education funding Council to be the Centre for Excellence in Training for Theatre in England. The college boasts of complete state-of-the-art facilities subsidized by the British government.
The Central have the biggest grouping of theatre, drama, and performance experts in the UK. The areas of their expertise comprise of acting, performing, contemporary theatre practice, and applied social or community theatre.

Subjects and Admissions:
This school offers Doctorate degree programs and Research degrees or MPhil and PhD. You can contact them and ask for application and reference forms or you may download them online.
The completed forms must be sent back to them for assessments.
Before the school can decide to make you an offer, they may request for an interview or audition first. Applicants overseas who can’t be present for the interview can be offered the chance for a long distance interview or audition.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:
Once they approve the application for their Doctorate degree programs, they will lay down the outline within which you will be doing research.
A full time student must finish the course in 3 to 4 years. The minimum required length of study for part-time students is 6 years and maximum of 8 years. You will be expected to do your research during your period of study.

Financial Assistance:
There are some groups that provide assistance for Doctorate Degree Programs students. These groups award funding or financial support to deserving students. Some of these groups are:

All candidates for Doctorate Degree Programs at Central will be considered for financial assistance and their preceding experience or proposed research field can be used as qualifications.

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