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Doctorate Degree Programs | Heriot-Watt University

By phd | March 2, 2009

Initially established as School of Arts of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University is the eighth oldest institution of higher education in the United Kingdom. With strong connections with teaching, training and research, University offers excellent opportunities in post graduate research education.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Subjects and Admissions:

With over four hundred doctoral level students located on campuses in Scotland and also Dubai, Heriot-Watt University’s Virtual Learning Environment offers connection and support for students around the globe. Currently, University Offers a number of Doctoral Degree Programs in various areas of *subjects (full list of subjects is available at the end of this article). To enter a Doctoral degree program the applicant must have the equivalent of a first degree at the level of Upper Second Class or First Class Honours however relevant work experience or academic achievement without a degree may allow a student to gain admission with approval of the Senate of the University. To apply, you need copies of original certificates and degrees, proof of English language proficiency (recent IELTS of TOFEL results) and two academic references with admission application. Once a candidate for a doctoral degree program at Heriot- Watt University has made application to the University, the application will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and admission will be offered to candidates who are accepted.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Duration and Process:

Depending on the area of study, Doctorate Degree Programs require between three and four years to complete with greater length and flexibility offered to part time students. As the initial part of PhD process, two supervisors will be allocated for constant guidance and help. Student shall discus his/her progress with his supervisors twice in a term. The concluding part of this program will be research thesis submission and final oral examination. It is important to point out that apart from traditional PhD route, university also offers New Route PhDs, EngD and DBA, with four years full-time programs and mixed research and taught courses.

Doctorate Degree Programs - Financial Assistance:

Several full and partial scholarships are available for all UK/EU and international students. For international candidates, various schemes are available; Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) covers some fees and provide maintenance allowance. University also offers departmental Scholarships for full-time research students, however you need a nomination from specific department and application need to be submitted much earlier. Apart from above mentioned financial support, university offers James Watt Scholarships, Partial Scholarships, Fees Only Scholarships, Research Project Studentships, covering full or fractional fees and living expanses.

*Available subjects:
Accountancy and Finance, Acoustics, Vibration and Noise Control, Adaptive Optics and Wavefront Metrology Analysis of Metocean Data, Applied Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos in Lasers and Optical Devices, Applied Probability, Applied Psychology, Biomimetic and Medicinal Organic Chemistry, Business Law, Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology, Cereal Science, Chemical Dynamics, Photochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Cognitive Science, Colour Science and Technology, Combinatorial Probability, Construction Economics and Management, Construction Technology and Materials, Database, Information and Knowledge Based Systems, Dependable Computing and Foundations, Design of Experiments, Design, Manufacture and Robotics, Differential Equations, Diffractive and Micro-Optics, Drainage and Water Supply, Drilling and Production, E-Learning, Economics, Electrical Power and Drives, Energy Technology, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Science, Estuary and Coastal Geosciences, Financial Mathematics, Fire Safety Engineering, Fluid Loading and Instrumentation, Fluid Mechanics, Food and Nutrition, Genetics and Insurance, Geotechnical Engineering, Health and Exercise, High Power Gas Laser Technology for Industrial Applications, High Power Solid-State Laser Photonics, High-TC Superconductivity Theory, Housing and Urban Society, Human Resource Management, Human Settlements in the Rapidly Urbanising World, Hydrates, Hydrocarbon Recovery Mechanisms, Image Processing and Visualisation, Income Protection Insurance, Inorganic Chemical Synthesis and Computation, Intelligent Systems and Computer Assisted Education, Intelligent Systems, Laser Materials Processing and Fibre Optic Delivery of High Power Laser Light, LEDs and Photodiodes, Life Office Modelling, Life Science Engineering, Marketing and Strategy, Materials, Materials and Plasmas, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Physics, Mechanics, Microbial Physiology, MicroSystems Engineering, Modelling of Polymers, Molecular and Interface Engineering, Multidisciplinary Activity in Microsystems and Packaging, Multiphase Process Engineering, Nano-Optics, Non-Linearities in Organic Materials, Non-Linearities in Semiconductors, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation, Ocean Engineering, Ocean Systems, Offshore Engineering/Ocean Science and Technology, Offshore Oil and Gas Processing, Oilfield Chemistry, Optical Engineering, Optical Fibre Sensors, Optical Image Processing Using Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Optical Instrumentation, Optical Switching in Chalcogenide Glasses, Optoelectronics in Computing, Optoelectronics in IT, Particle Technology, Pipeline Engineering, Production Chemistry, Property Economics and Finance, Pure Mathematics, Quantum Key Distribution, Reliability and Safety Engineering, Renewable Energy, Reservoir Description and Simulation, Reservoir Fluids, Reservoir Geophysics, RF/Microwave Engineering, Risk Management, Risk Theory, Rock Mechanics/Rock Physics, Semiconductor Theory Group, Signal and Image Processing, Software Engineering, Statistical Education, Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Optical Fibre: Fundamentals and Applications, Stochastic Models of Epidemics and their Relation to Data, Stochastic Pension Fund Modelling, Structural Engineering, Supercontinuum Generation - The White Light Laser, Surfaces, Materials and Monitoring, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Water Management Group, Synthesis and Properties of New Materials, System Level Integration and System-on-Chip Themes, Systems Engineering, Textile Design and Clothing Manufacture, Textile Science and Technology, Theoretical Probability, Theory and Application of Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Complexity in Nonlinear Optics, Three-Dimensional Imaging, Time-of-Flight Ranging/Imaging, Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Microscopy, Transportation, Ultrafast Optics, Urban Governance and Regeneration, Water Supply, Drainage and Integrated Catchment Management and many more

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